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28 years and 1 day old, today.

Yes I am, so happy belated birthday to me.

Thank you GodMa and my dear lovely Sisters for all your presents and warm love.

Thank you Dad for reminding me to come home for dinner.

Thank you Boss and colleagues for the yummy coffee cake, and that handmade card.

Thank you my dear friends, old and new, for the phone call, sms and facebook messages.

And most importantly of all, for giving me a way in into this world, for teaching me the meaning of love, and though you couldn’t be with me for the past 8 years, I still miss you and I dearly love you as if it’s only yesterday. So Mum, thank you. Though your time in this world is up, you’ll forever be ticking in my heart.

Oel Ngati Kameie. (I see you.)