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In less than 9 hours, the fate of Skopet Invicta will more or less be decided then.

Lose, and we’ll probably occupy third spot in the league.

Draw, and we leave our fate in the hands of other teams.

Win, and no doubt we’ll grab bragging rights to be called champions, all in our maiden league appearance.

Postpone and the agony of not knowing stretches for another week.

I’m hoping that the rain will learn to stay away from our gaming slot, unlike the previous weeks when instead of kicking off, we’re getting the rain-off from the organisers.

You see, I’m all geared up for this game. I couldn’t be more prepared physically for this game. My cough’s close to non-existent. I’ve had so much sleep that I couldn’t sleep anymore by the time it was 6am this morning. I’ve already loaded with plenty of carbs last night, and mcdelivery’s supposed to arrive with my hotcakes and sausages anytime soon now.

Oooh, I forgot to mention that I’m hoping work goes smoothly too. I hope I don’t have to stay late so I can leave for Bedok Green Secondary early.

Bring the game on, Buffalos. I can barely wait.