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The Karok (Karaoke Night Out) didn’t go as planned–well shucks–but dinner at Sakura (Far East) made up for it, as D’Junkies Steamers, which Irfan tagged us back then during our poly days, gathered for a quick reunion. D’junkies Steamers are Z, Bangau, Fran, Syna, Nuwool, Ayu and Moi, but those were the days.

These days we’re all held captive by our working life. I can’t be sure of their dayjobs but I think that there’s a web developer, 3D animator, Architectural Modeller, Teacher, Printer (no points in guessing who this is..) and 2 highly available dudes amongst us!

Times are hard indeed, and job security is foremost on everyone’s mind. Even Godma keeps reminding me to work hard so as to not get on the ‘R’ list. The ‘Retrenched’ list that is, but getting retrenched is (thankfully) nowhere near a worry for me – though I’m more worried for my customers actually.

Nearly all of them lament about the slow economy this year. Plenty are still coming in for prints, albeit smaller jobs/runs. Most are asking for better rates, and I keep reminding them that pricing isn’t the issue here, but rather the value.

I don’t know if I’m tightening their situation or being productive in my stubbornness to go lower.  IMHO, if really you’re cutting costs, then might as well forego and save everything, along with all the troubles.  Now THAT would really cut plenty of costs. Best to cut all unnecessary expenditures!

Anyway, about the Karok, its a good thing that it was cancelled–another unnecessary spending averted by moi– but then the cancellation only led me to another round of DOTA gaming!I suppose I couldn’t fulfil my earlier ambitions of  limitting my DOTA time for the week! So much for being ambitious and resource thrift! 

Looking at the positives, at least DOTA is way cheaper than Karok! Heh…