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Life in camp offered me the chance to reflect a little on life, and I grabbed it greedily, which I’ve covetously endured for the past few months.

BIG stuffs like contemplating that baby steps into the world of internet marketing, fulfilling that online tee store fetish that seems to be put off for far too long, and other trivial mind-boggling things that border on insanity like resigning from my day job — just so that there’s more time for everything else.

Indeed I’ve gingerly worked out an equation whereby the key component missing and preventing me from ‘living the life’ (as put by my gaming buddies han and bangau) is time, but that’s very cliche eh? I don’t care, bite me.

I realised that work has been hampering my developments elsewhere, but, unfortunately and gratifyingly at the same time, it’s fueled them too.

There’s this crazy equation in my head, but as crazy as my logical head and heart deciphers, the possibility of it tempts me — and as easily tempted as I can be, I’m just not that easily moved.

I don’t know, times are looking good for any kind of movement at all, and I really need to move again soon. Back to camp again. Gaaaaaaah!

Perhaps I need more time to decipher and decode? Well that’s all just too cliche all over again! Heh~