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It wouldn’t be much of a concern had it not been that it’s 12 (or even more) days that I last saw it munching on a piece of dried baby prawns.

Yep, I’ve been feeding TerraBaby (that’s what we like to call the tiny terrapin) but a few days back I got it the standard terrapin pellets, sold over pet shop counters, and it still won’t snap them into it’s mouth.

It looks at the floating pellets as if it’s too high class to be eating lowly creature’s food, snubs them and swims away, still with that ‘I’m high class’ expression.

Then again, if you’ve been keeping terrapins as pets, you’d know that that’s their natural expression, and they don’t really have any other.. do they?


Terrababy 'Sleep-Floating'...

You know what terrapins eat? Meat chunks, water snail, earthworms, bloodworms, prawns, oily fish and even lettuces, water cresses, and in short, they eat almost anything — as long as they aren’t cooked and are raw.

But Terrababy seems to be avoiding them all, and I know cos I even went to the extent of heading to the wet market and got it raw fish!

Yep, it gave me that expression again and as of now, I’m stumped as to what I can feed it with.

It’s not eating, but the good news is that it’s been sleeping a lot and still alive and kicking!

I wonder.. is it hibernating? ‘Cos┬ámy office can be really cold at times.

As for this fella here, I’m pretty sure she’s not hibernating:

Jack sleeps..


Okay people, say ‘Hello Jack!’.