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This post was first written on 26th January but has since stretched till 30th January due to unnecessary editings. Please bear with it…

Wishing all Chinese Happy New Year and to all, Happy Holidays!!! Oh, and to newly 27 year old me, Happy Birthday!!! 

Perhaps I’d like to try a thank you speech eh? * Takes a deep breathe * And my belated special thanks goes to…  

Dad & Mama: For caring for me, despite my mischievious persona, throughout these 27 years. Thanks for calling me in the morning from KL to wish me, and not inviting me to tag along for the holiday trip! Woot!

Bro: Thanks for caring and buying me Nasi Ayam that afternoon, which I couldn’t eat cos I took too much chicken sandwich earlier. Anyway, to show my appreciation, I’ll be wearing the Liverpool jersey you bought for me last year, for the whole of today. Liverpool Rulez!

Sis: Thanks for the wish, despite nursing that annoying fever. Sorry If I couldn’t be home more often to share with you some lessons or stories about school and work, but I’ll try to be home more often. Thanks for keeping me company when I come home late and showing the care like a sister should!

Godma n GodSisters: You guys have been a wonderful addition in my life. Ever since my late mum left me, noone else have filled that gap with more love and care than you. I truly appreciate all the gifts you’ve given and have enjoyed all our moments spent together. Lovely!

Fahmi, Han & Jar: If there ever was a war, I’m pretty sure that the four of us would be the last men standing, victorious and laughing our ass off. Thanks for spending my birthday together, full of craziness and… well, lots of craziness! I’m quite sure that there is nothing that the four of us can’t ever accomplished! We rox!

Skopets: For accepting an older experienced guy into your team, I’m already grateful for that. I may have been the senior fella during our Secondary school days but that’d never stop us from becoming a great team right? I’m thankful for the regular soccer games that you guys deliver, and may the skopets win the league this season!

My Lovely Friends: Yanni, Linda & Adilah, without fail you will remember to wish me on my special day EVERY YEAR and I am always grateful for that. There aren’t that many friends like you guys, and I’m thankful for our rainbow friendship – i.e rainbow ‘cos there’s no end in sight. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST… Everyone that I may have missed out: I’d like to list out everyone but at 4am, its hard to remember anymore names and I’m not in the thoughts of stretching this post any longer, so to anyone whom I may have missed out, apologies from moi, but many thanks for remembering my occasion! Everyone rox!!!

And Yes! Finally, a new look for a brand new year, and hopefully a brand new me too! Things look brighter now, eh? Uber cool!!!