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Do you remember your very first introduction into the music video world?

No? Well neither do I.

It’s hit us as common as news of John Terry vs Wayne Bridge, and as often as how fake Tiger Woods press conference of an apology was, and pretty soon everything gets old.

And then something like this crops up and makes you go, “Ooh, I gotta watch it again. Replay!”

OK GO, had one of the most viral music videos, apart from Risk Astley’s tunes, with their treadmill mtv, and they sure didn’t do anything wrong with this one.

And with EMI not even pulling the plug (preventing youtube embeds of it’s mtvs on sites like mine here), rejoice!

I like this video. I really do, and not since a long time have I liked a music video for its cleverness, and this is a really clever video.

Clever not in a rocket science manner, but clever in its execution and direction.

OK Go’s music may yet to earn them any grammys, but hey, their videos are uber cool~!

I wonder how long it took to prepare for the props?