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2.30am: Eyes drooping after tuning G/B Elves deck since 11pm.

7.15am: Rise & Shine. Feels too early.

8.15am: Beauty World Centre @ Bukit Timah

8.30am: Big Breakfast Deluxe @ Macdonlads.

8.45am: Farid’s Arrival

9.30am: Grand Prix Trial KL Begins.

10.00am: First Loss of the day.

4.00pm: 6 hours later and I’m looking at a 5 Loss, 1 Win scoreline.

Oh man, what can I say, the metagame for the current season is so volatile that the only expectation you can set for yourself is to expect the unexpected.

After nearly 5 weeks of ‘seasoning’ myself with the G/B Elves-Tron deck, I thought that I’d stand a good chance, figuring that the metagame is going to be filled with creatures (Delvers/Humans/Wolves) heavy deck, but lo and behold, it was more of a 70% U/x Control vs the rest of the field.

Shocking, indeed, if you even know what all these jargon means.

Still the lesson at the end of the day is…. *wait for it*… ‘Take it on the chin and move on.’

That’s right, sometimes things merely progresses on its own, ‘market forces’ traders would call it, and these are things that one can’t expect to be certain of at any time, and so the best bet that one can ultimately make is to estimate where this ‘progression’ leads to, and how to best live with it.

And then sometimes, you’ve just got to wing it and spin it.

On a sidenote, Beauty World Centre didn’t seem to have changed much since the early 90s when I first patronised it regularly, and I kind of enjoyed the nostalgic ambience it had.