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What’s this? Why, it’s Magic: the gathering, or MTG for shorts.

This was the deck that I piloted at the recent Friday Night Magic, or FNM at Gameshaven, where I received my best score in an FNM to date.

What’s FNM? Nothing much really, just a weekly MTG competition where players from all walks of life gather themselves (and their deck of precariously assembled cards) for a shot at CCG glory.

What’s CCG? Collectible Card Games, but some parties refer to MTG as a TCG, short for Trading Card Game, because trading of these cards is very much a healthy on-going occasion almost daily.

Enough about acronyms et all eh? I guess enough for today. Perhaps I’ll reserve another post for more showering of praise on this great game.

Here, enjoy browsing at my decklist, brought to you by the fine folks at I call it MonoBlack Flails — not to mistake Flails with Fails though!


MTG, loving it.