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Change is always refreshing. My earlier bright yellowy theme felt bright, yellowy, clean and simple but it didn’t feel personal enough. For a personal blog, it didn’t have that homely feel, but rather a newsy outlook. Thus my undertaking of this 2nd Brand new Old Finally, it looks like I’m writing on my own sketchy, grungy, virtual notepad! 

Also how can I ever take down my affable Liverpool FC insignia? Nothing will ever detach me away from my idolised club. Well, nothing but DOTA that is. DOTA made me miss, wait for it, here it comes,yup yup this is it, Liverpool’s  comeback against Portsmouth FC, whom twice took the lead — but I’ll leave a review of that till later — but still lost to the comeback kings.

So it was another (Saturday) night of physically grueling, emotionally testing, energy sapping, lung bursting, eyes tearing, and backbone breaking rounds of DEE-OH-TEE-AYE, or DOTA. And it made me miss the Liverpool game against Portsmouth! It was a 12 hours DOTA marathon, and we** were rock solid throughout!

Well fyi, rock solid meant that we were more or less sitting stoned in front of the computers, with a bottle of green tea as our constant companion. Of course special thanks goes to 7-11 for supplying us with food (instant noodles, sandwiches) in the wee hours, we not only survived, but exceeded the 12hours!

Guess what? It was DOTA all over again come Sunday night. Ahhh, ssimple pleasures revisited.

**(We here refers to Me, Bangau and Han-Solo! The famous trio of ZooM! Not!!)