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Michael Jackson is back1! No, not from the grave kind but some judge over in US have already given the green light for a movie release, about the comeback show that never was. Mark your calendars hombre and that is October 28th, 2009. Now I’ll be eagerly anticipating this one.

So I’m already into a few days of my Reservist tour of duty and work has been calling me up incessantly. It’s a little annoying when you’ve just returned home from duty at 5pm, trying to catch 40 winks and work’s calling you 5, 6, maybe 7 times and spoils the nap, and you’ve barely even began dreaming, let alone even ‘feel’ that power nap take place but forced to stay up with a headache instead.

It’s even more annoying when you reach office at 8pm only for your colleague to manage to overcome the initial problem which was supposedly un-overcome-able and required your immediate presence! That’s it lah, this frust-mostat inside me is almost reaching critical point, and with that I suppose that this is the post where if my life takes an unexpected turn of events (for the better presumably), it will somehow remind me of that derilious decision I was forced to make?

*calms down* (… and for the records, I calm down and pacify easily. Perhaps too easy??? )

Thankfully, Mustafa Ctr was nearby and I managed to divert my frustrations into shopping for the cheapest pair of socks, boxers/briefs and singlets in preparation for my in-camp training. Almost bought a jersey but thankfully I resisted the urge, amidst all the ‘excitable’ looking items on display.

Oh, have you been to Mustafa Ctr? At first I thought that it was just a glorified mamak provision shop, but after a few visits there I am convinced that it’s not just a glorified mamak provision shop, but a gigantic, humoungous, everything-you-can-find glorified kind of  a mamak shop! There’s so many things that even items that costs $79 or even more get strewn all around the shelves as if they’re $7.90 insstead — and somehow, there’s this comforting ambience that goes within these shelves, like it’s such a friendly or down-to-earth super-department store or should I say, the godzilla of mamak shop?

Heh, I coined that term after most mamak food stalls sells their drinks after legendary creatures.

Come to think of it, why do they even use legendary creatures like dinosaurs and godzilla? Why can’t they just use a term like ‘upsize’ or ‘upgrade’?

Anyway, about the Michael Jackson movie.. I have a tingling sensation that it’s gonna be the godzilla of all movies. I can’t help but wonder what with all the posthumous attention that the late artist has received, will this be another record breaking event?

You know, it’s gotta be, because… this is it1!

By the way, this has to be the longest post title I’ve ever had. Wow.
1Sweet. Here’s the link: Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ 3D movie slated for worldwide release on October 28th!