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I’m just testing this out to see how far this desktop client can take me — or is it how far I can take it?

Either way, it’s something that I stumbled across while browsing for FREE OS X softwares. Yes, I’m that cheap. Bite me.

So Marsedit V2.4 is a desktop client blogging software that’s exclusively made for Mac, so if you’re looking for a Windows port, you’re better off with Windows Live Writer / Ecto / etc etc.

Marsedit Screenshot

So here’s how it looks like at work. Actually I’m at home when I did this, but it’s just to show how Marsedit’s interface and working area really looks like.

Really, there’s only this HTML panel (bottom right), where you type your stuffs and as you type, it previews (bottom left area) real time, and I really like it — if only its because I’ve always prefered the ‘organic’ coding interface kind.

It is functional, clean, sleek, uncluttered and straight to the point, the no nonsense kind.

It’s the 90s, BBedit and PowerComputing revisited all over again. Nostalgic, at least for me.

Although I’m not too sure if it might appeal to a blogger who cannot differentiate between HTML and CSS, but for anyone with basic grasps of these languages, I think Marsedit will be a pleasant break from having to go online to make a post.

Example, if 31 days from now and your whole HDB area is caught on fire and there’s not a single working modem left, just what are you going to do!?

Well, you’ll be thankful that Marsedit is around, cos you don’t need to go online to write a post, provided you’ve purchased the application after its 30 days trial period.

Actually one could easily write within any text-editor and then copy/paste later on, but hey, Marsedit has real-time preview pane, and cool looking buttons which your word processor hasn’t!

Then again, your word processor is free.

But if you had the $$$ and looking for a Mac OS X desktop blogging client, I’d personally recommend Marsedit.

I’m loving it already.