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Ever felt that when you know you’ve got to do something but you’re holding back because for fear of failure? Well then, have you ever heard of the phrase ‘luck favours the bold’?

Anton Concedes

This is so especially true as shown in this early morning’s game between Manchester United and Sunderland. Trailing 2 goals to 1, Ferguson’s men threw caution to the wind and sieged Sunderland’s penalty box as if it was Apocalypse tomorrow. Too bad the Black Cats, the nickname for Sunderlandiansm or wahtever you call them, crumbled under the pressure with an unlucky own goal.

Yes, I’d say that it was an unlucky own goal, but I wouldn’t say that Manchester United was lucky. They created THAT own-goal. Would they have achieved it if half their players were half as motivated to play half as determined? Now that’s too many halves but I’m a firm believer that you make your own luck.

Like, why sit around all night long in a cyber cafe playing online games with people you barely know and then get hyper frustrated over a loss, if any? No, you’re not going to seal that $1000 direct sales deal by sitting in front of the monitor playing games. ┬áNo, you’re not going to gain insight on how to close a sales, by wasting your time away like that.

Wow. Did I just hypothetically deduce how wasteful I’ve become, albeit indirectly and after giving a short discussion about Manchester United’s insanely obscene amount of luck that goes their way. Think about that 96th minute winner against Man City when they were given only 4 mins to understand why I pick on them specifically. And it’s not just because I’m a Liverpudlian. Okay, maybe it’s because I’m a Liverpudlian and my Dad’s a United fan. But Dad, I’ve nothing against you, in case you inexplicably reach upon these pages and are reading this. Love ya, but I ain’t got enough to sponsor your car insurance. Heh.

Anyway, yes, Manchester United may be claimed as lucky by some quarters, but boy do they work hard in achieving their results.

So final outcome of the game? Manchester United 2 – Luckless Black Cats (Sunderland) 2.

Wait a minute, maybe some people may argue that the Black Cats were lucky to score twice with the only 2 shots on goal that they had? Ahhhh, now that’s another story to tel…