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Liverpool VS Manchester City
Citizens, or Manchester City, is one of the worst EPL teams when on the road, this season. With a host of key players doubtful, I won’t be surprised if Rafa pulls another shocker like he did at Portsmouth, where he played 3-5-2.

Why I’m guessing a 3-5-2 formation is because Rafa seriously needs to beef his midfield, who’ll be without Alonso and Gerrard for the game. The thought of Masch and Lucas feels lightweight, and another inner midfielder will be required to steady the ship.

Steven Gerrard’s absence is a strong loss, but it’ll be redeemed by the return of Torres, and the fact that Manchester City have failed to get any wins for the last 10 games on the road, and that they’ve just recently been foiled in the EUFA Cup, while the Reds have been practising real hard on their XBOX 360 systems over the week.

You know, I’d love to get myself an xbox 360 and get some actions with Mirror’s Edge. *Crosses Fingers*.

Anyway, Liverpool should see off Citizens comfortably, and unless Rafa plays anything less than 2 upfront, Citizens should start planning for next week’s return ¬†game in the UEFA Cup.

Predictions: Liverpool 2 РManchester City 0