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Am I finally running out of superlatives to describe the gritty performances of Liverpool of late?

Is it going to be the norm that Liverpool puts 4 past their opponent’s these days?

Is it a coincidence that the last 12 goals that Liverpool have scored were without their talismatic captain, Steven Gerrard?

Is it also going to be set in the heavens that everytime Liverpool and Arsenal meet, the game ends in a draw?

Is it too much to say that the game deserved to be labeled as one of the best EPL games in modern times?

Is this the game which signals the arrival of my idol, the mistaken parvenu, the enigmatic Andrey Arshavin? He scored 4 wonderfully taken goals btw and  I am quietly impressed — though I’m a little disappointed that he chose to show up in this game. A game which Liverpool badly required to win to keep any hopes of a title dream.

Will Manchester take advantage of this result and extend their lead further tonight?

Will Chelsea catch up to Liverpool by beating Everton or will the fellow Merseysiders keep the Blues in check?

Will Liverpool continue to dominate games and annhilate opponents until the end of the season?

Will the 19th English title finally come to Anfield?

Will I  stop asking questions and write proper paragraphs and sentences instead?

Maybe I will. ; )