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What Kuyt did this morning against Debrecen should be emulated by strikers all over the world, as his follow up to Torres’ shot was to be the sole goal in this one sided Champions League game. Here’s a link for the video highlights, Liverpool 1 – Debrecen 0.

Wait a minute, just who on earth are Debrecen? They sound more like a spare part to a car engine instead of a football team, but that’s to be forgiven for being a small club from one of Europe’s outskirt domestic leagues, the Hungarian league. With a ground capacity of just more than 9000, they probably got the jitters to perform in front of almost 50,000 screaming, crazy, fanatic fans at Anfield, but really?

In ernest, Debrecen made Liverpool to work for its goal, and actually performed well even though they were outclassed in possession and almost every other area of the field. If yo consider Liverpools’ 68% possession rate to Barcelona’s 65% (against Inter Milan, in the same competition this morning), Debrecen can be likened to an Inter Milan stature then eh?

Anyway, despite not being able to watch the game live on SCV, cos it’s only available on MIO TV, which I’m subscribed to but have no TV in the room to connect to, I could only watch the game’s highlights from the link I’ve shared above. But this meant that I am spared the 90 minutes of waking moment and instead have the opportunity to sleep away, and then grab the highlights of about 2-3 mins and digest it quickly.

More sleep, I’d always welcome that with open arms, and couple that with Liverpool’s 3 points in the Champions League, I think I should be able to sleep well these coming days, where I’ve a few days off, thanks to the Hari Raya holidays.

So till then.. Glory, glory Liverpool FC~