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We came late! Me and Arfan went straight after our soccer game, where we drew 1-1 with the table topper, thus failing to overtake them. It hurts more that I couldnt do anything about it as I left during half-time in preparation for Eulyn’s wedding in th evening.

Ok, so the wedding seating and registration kicked off at 6.45pm and instead, we arrived at 7.45pm, just in time as the guests were helped to the appetisers. Scrumptious but due to my war against vegetables, I tried my best to enjoy the cucumbers, onions and everything else white, orange and green. 

So Laguna Sari was the chosen venue and it was a compact, and had a friendly ambience, with little crystals hanging from the white ceilings and pretty smiles from the waitresses dressed in kebaya. It was like Indonesia meets America. But the food was pan asian style? I was expecting a traditional chinese inclined menu but neverthless the food served filled me great!

The waitresses could use a few more skills upgrading though. It took them 20 minutes, and we had to ask ourselves, before we were given our glass of drinks — and she had to ask what we would like when there was clearly only one type of drink available, which she then dismissed her own question with a “Oh yah.. “. Big event perhaps getting to her.

Familiar faces surrounded the table and surprisingly, Farid, my secondary school buddy and still going strong, was the emcee for the day! Not bad, and from a daytime psychologist to a night time entertainer. He’s doing really well these days. I bet his side income beats his full time job hands down. I’m jealous already, but good for him!

So I was a little sapped of energy from a day’s work and the soccer game, so I was sort of reactive to the event and whatever ounce of it left was spent smiling away, but I thought I beamed most when Audrey approached me and we had a little chat from where we left of… like last December? Wow, almost 6 months already. Anyway, for a foreigner, she somehwo prefers to hang around with the locals rather than the expats here. Says she wants to get as much experience as possible. Good for her indeed.

Talking about experience, its about time that I gain some for myself — in Dota that is — and since I’m on a streak, why resist right? GGClient… here I come…..