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The transformation is finally complete.

Acer Aspire One Kittyfied

Where I mentioned previously of my shock in finding my Aspire One’s keypads covered with Kitty Stickers, well nothing can surprise me anymore right?

Certainly not this fully kittyfied netbook, which my young, now turning 14 in a few days, sister, Diana, have unleashed her sticky fury upon.

Almost the whole set of keypads have been plastered with shiny, glittery, cartoony images of animals, of which mostly are kitties.

It’s sute, yes indeed, but quite a distraction.

I know, first question that comes to mind: How tedious and painstakingly difficult is it to work with the netbook?

Very, at least for me it is, but for Diana it’s just fun and like any other day at the office — not that she’s in any office though, still too young to be part of the nation’s workforce.

And she’s very very happy to use the netbook too, one of the few things that has unofficially been handed-me-downs by yours truly.

She loves gadgets, plays plenty of games, blogs too, draws and doodles, likes watching movies, loves reading and gets her feet wet with sports too.

Hmmm, sounds familiar to someone I know. Me!

But not familiar enough for me to guess what she hopes to get for her birthday present, which is coming much sooner than I’d like, and one which I still haven’t an idea for a present still.

I’ve asked this question, one too many times before, but just what present do you get for a 14year old missy?

For now, I’m stumped for an answer. Do you have a 14year old sister?