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It was KBox night on Saturday with my company fellas, celebrating big boss’s birthday at the same time, where I gave him a cheapo/playful/brainless ¬†gift in the form of a Rubix cube! Aha, good luck in solving that, Mister!

Have you solved a Rubix cube before? Well considering that I’ve solved on numerous occasions before, I guess that that would count me as one of the 25,912,301 people who’ve solved the cube. Impressive eh? Yeah right~

So about the karaoke session, this time I didn’t intend to linger around as much as I used to cos it didn’t quite felt right, cos 95% of the time I could barely understood what was going on. Despite my okay-okay grasp of Mandarin, these guys spoke in Cantonese/Hokkien which to me is like a hugely foreign language still, and plus the fact that I didn’t want to have to wait 1 hour for my turn to belt/croon, so about half hour later I made my way back to West Coast RC, where I joined my usual gaming buddies for an evening of DOTA! Now, that’s entertainment!

And there was a pleasant surprise as a group of young Malay gals patronised the cyber cafe, and despite the place having plenty of regular gal gamers, what made this group of Malay gals ‘stood out from normal’ was that it was past midnight when they joined in, and they went about as if they were deliberating on a group project.

I swear that if Garena, the game usual client that we log onto to play our games, was down back then, then I’d be chatting away with ’em gals. In fact, I’d even tutor one of them to come into the world of Dota, cos she kept looking at what I was doing. Or maybe she could just be wondering what this crazy dude is doing after midnight, sometimes laughing to himself, sometimes cursing under his breath, sometimes punching the keyboard heavily, and all the while with his eyes glued onto his computer screen, transfixed onto a virtual gaming world.

Gee, if that was the case.. maybe I should stop gaming huh? Then again, maybe not.

Dota is too beautiful to be ignored lah. It’s an easy and simple game to learn, but too darn complex to master — both elegant and frustrating at the same time — a traits combination which I simply can’t resist! More Dota please~…