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Well it’s not like web designers are never in demand, because they still are.

These days, throw a stone in a room and you’ll likely hit someone who knows what HTML, ¬†FLASH and what web design is all about.

Oh hell, ‘cos with WordPress, Joomla or Tumblr (to name a few), I guess anyone can call themselves a web designer / webmaster, and yes it’s that simple today.

Gone are the days when every page in a website is a static hard-coded beast, so hooray technology.

Back to my topic of digestion, that earlier today I googled for “Terrapin+Care” and this is what I initially, and instantly, received on my browser:

Googling Terrapin Care

A host of text results, and not so interesting right, but then I noticed a little magnifying glass next to each search results, and have you ever clicked on them?

My initial thoughts of the icon’s function is to allow a further refinery of your search term, but when I clicked on it, a pleasant surprise greeted me, and at this stage I might have to seek pardon for my simpleton geek-nessicity, cos I might be the last person on earth to have realised what it’s for.

Voila -- Instant previews

Instant previews! No kidding, and here I am still stuck in 1995 with thoughts of how laborious and near impossible it is to be able to do that!

Oh, it’s 2010, nearing 2011 already? Gee..

Anyway, instead of having to manually rummage through links after links to find the info that you desire, this tiny magnifying glass solves your headache of trying to filter out the ‘cheapo’ looking websites from the ‘professionally-done’ ones.

Search outlined

If you move your cursor and hover along the rest of the links, the previews instantly reflect the sites they link to, and if you look closer at the previous image, you’ll notice that they even highlight where your search terms are found within that website!

I guess it’s not just important to look nice, you have to lay your text nicely as well, where if you’re thinking of hiding/camouflaging bunch of texts for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then think again, cos this ruse can be easily spotted by the alert viewer.

Anyway, I think I love it already especially when I did a quick search and found something that made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

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I thought I’d critic that this web design is nice and simple, but that’s just me. Ahhhhhhhhhh~~~

I’m also thinking that businesses, especially, having a website is just not enough these days, and this means that a really good looking website should be your immediate, or should I say instant goal. I think I know one web design fella who’s kinda free these days. = )