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I watched Inception, had to drag sis along cos others simply wasn’t able to watch it, didn’t wanna watch it with me or watched it already.

It wasn’t an easy show but here’s a quick review because I’m just darn sleepy and drowsy at the moment.

It’s solidly good, tight and very well paced, not much loopholes (there are holes, just not much) and has to be the best show of 2010 so far in terms of it’s score, action, visual effects, plot, characters, cinematography, continuity & editing and if I were to summarise it all in 5 words they’d be:

Multi-tasking. Dreamy. Captivating. Purposeful. Sad.

Sad, because the way I interpreted the movie, the dream never ended for Cobb, and that thought struck me midway in the movie, where I realised that the reality wasn’t really reality.

BUT, I shan’t spoil the movie for the uninitiated, and while I torture myself to come up with a decent review for another day, I’ll prod you to go watch it.

AND if you’ve already watched it, go watch it again, and this time try to catch the movie and perceive it to end differently than when you first saw it.