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New Guitar Wooooooooo

It was very nice of Godma to get me a rawking guitar from KL. It looks almost like a miniature version of my Les Paul Special II and that’s what I digged about it. What’s with my phone ‘tangkap glamour’1 at the side? Well, yah, tangkap glamour lor. Kekeke.

Really nice guitar right? It’s shiny, glossy, curvy, and the strings are strummy too! Look at all the solid knobs and wirings. Impressive! If I were a hardcore rockstar, then this guitar would be my ultimate weapon of choice!

How coincidental that I’m currently planning on a reunion jamming session with Jacen and his buddy. I still recall our previous stint, before Z and Han left the country and the band simultaneously. Now that everybody is back here, it’s about time that I started picking up my guitars again and clear the dust away. While my Les Paul has been well protected in the cabinet at Godma’s place, I couldn’t say the same for my Ibanez at Taman Jurong, which I’ve now known to be non cat-immune.

Ahhh, gotta start a little spring cleaning tonight at Godma’s I guess. I’m gonna start rawking again!!!

1Tangkap Glamour:  A Malay phrase which means to catch the limelight. Usually executed by less glamourous entities. And phones.