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… playing Magic actually. Magic what?

Magic: The Gathering, or MTG or just Magic for shorts, a game where two or more players pit their wits against each other using a deck of cards that they’ve assembled either by purchasing those cards, or stealing them.

If the sounds of cards being chucked around sounds a little geeky to you, well that’s because it’s a geek’s game. Really.

I remember when I first opened my pack of booster cards, a bunch of 15 randomly inserted cards, sold in a nice, shiny commercial pack.

More often than not, you don’t always get the cards that you’d want to have in your playing deck, but cards which are lacklustre in terms of gamplay quality.

But sometimes you’ll get that one card where everyone wants to have a piece of, and when you do, people will start to surround you and begging you to sell it to them.

You’d feel like you’ve just won the million dollar jackpot then.

Of course, that was back then, and fast forward to today, or the past month to be exact, I’ve been reliving my childhood days of indulging in these Magic cards.

Every Friday, you’ll find me with my loved one at the weekly ‘Friday Night Magic’ ¬†event that fortunately takes place near my office, at Dhoby Ghaut MRT.

Funny enough, for someone who pursues excellence, somehow I do not find the thrill in assembling myself a kick-ass proven deck, but instead to listen to my inner-contrarian’s voice, and instead play against the flow.

I play cards that others don’t. I make moves where others simply shun. Well, like I’ve said it, somehow when it comes to playing Magic, I indulge myself with a contrarian’s approach, and so it’s not surprising that…

.. after 4 weeks of competition, I’ve only managed to win 1 solitary match against..

.. an invisible opponent!

That’s right, my crowning glory of tasting my first ever victory against an opponent, was against one that never arrived to take his seat.

Oh well, a win is a win right?

Even if it took me 4 weeks to announce that I’m back.

MTG, ftw.