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Off my head, I think my collection of tees are in the range of at least 25 to 35 pieces at most, or maybe even more. I know that I’ve given away a lot more already!

Why so many? Because it’s just so comfortable to wear a tee here in sunny Singapore, but even in cooler climates I’m sure that it’s a hot favourite among everyone young and old.

But did you knew that the tee was originally a military outfit, or rather infit, as it was meant to be worn on the inside of military uniforms back then, and not many would want to be seen wearing just a tee when they are outside at the church or market or anywhere else, at least not till an actor wore it purposely on set, which from then on I suppose that pop culture took off and the tee culture took on a life of its own.

These days tees┬ácan be regarded as an artform, and to some extent, to spread and promote ideas, to define an event and sometimes it’s even used as a means of political message. Whatever the idea behind a tee is, I adore them, for their simplicity and comfort.

So I love tees a lot and too bad that I share my small wardrobe with my brother, otherwise I’d have it filled up with all kinds of tees of all colours and designs. I guess that coming from an art background, I’m inclined to appreciate well designed tees, or should I say tees with really good art.

But good designs don’t necessarily make good tees as there’s the material, the ink, the printing process, and even the message behind a tee to consider and if you go deep down into its manufacturing/production blueprints, it’s a complex world indeed.

But you’re not interested in all that rite? So, thanks to this benign passion of mine, it has finally come for me to proudly and satisfyingly announce the coming out, or the manifestation of the passion as….

Singapores Premiere Online Tee Store (Or aiming to  be one!)

Singapore's Premiere Online Tee Store (Or aiming to be one!)!

Finally, after countless months of deliberation, planning and tweaking, and extra deliberations, more plannings and excessive tweakings, (where mttbwy stands for May The Tees Be With You..) is finally at a point where I’m satisfied with the looks as well as backend operations — and in short, I feeeeeeel darn goooooood!

Thanks to help from a few close friends, I’m finally launching my baby (no, not referring to the crying kinds that come with smelly diapers and sleepless nights, but rather I’m referring to my online tee store!) into the sea, that is the internet.

By the way, in case anyone asked, I’m not aiming to make millions or a permanent income source from this, cos in fact, I’d just like to share the exclusivity and the joy in wearing a tee that is exquisitely produced and brilliantly designed to my fellow community here.

Then so why is there a price, you may ask? Well, simply because… these tees come in from all over the world with a pricetag!!! Don’t think everything is free hor!

Ahem.. okay then, do give it a quick visit and seriously, no obligations, do not buy anything just let me know what you think of the tees and it’ll make my day anytime (but if you buy one or two, then there’s no stopping you right? hehe.. ).

May the tees be with you. Cheers~