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Lets see now.. I had 4 days of rest from work and just a quick recap..

Day 1: Dota + Left 4 Dead
Day 2: Dota + Pro Evolution Soccer (Guest starring Zaini!)
Day 3: Dota
Day 4: Dota + Left 4 Dead

Tres bien! That’s French for excellent! Wow, can I waste my rest days any worse than in this manner?

I’d actually wanted to polish up a few websites, thinking the CNY holidays presented itself as the perfect opportunity to do so, but I’d ended up sitting in front of a comp and gaming away – WITH Bangau, aka Fahmi, Han_Solo, aka Hanafi, and PapaSanta, aka Jarinder Singh.

Oops, i think I’ll correct myself. Earlier I mentioned that I wasted the holidays, but I take em words back cos its not wasted if you enhance your friendships, strengthen the bonds, fortify the rapport and actually experience lots of fun along with it, right? In retrospect, I think I had an AWESOME holiday! Fooo~

AND not to mention that I even managed to finish my blog’s new look, registered the MKNTFN company, cleaned my room, learned to play Garbage’s song ‘Special’, and even went to work on Day 4 to attend to a client. *Pats self at back*.

Really, is there any other better way to spend the holidays? *Rhetorical question*