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The Accidental Botanist.

I just read an article which teaches how to grow plants and I swear that I’m not turning into a botanist anytime soon, as I stumbled upon it after Googling for “nutrients that plants need”.

The word I was searching for turned out to be Fertilizers, which I eventually read off one of the search result’s pages.

Strangely for a few hours, ‘Fertilizers’ was missing from my head and frantically trying to remember a forgotten term is painfullly irritating, like how you thought you knew a certain phrase a while ago but now just simply unable to put anything to it, the moment that you needed it?

The mind ends up racing in chaos, trying to find that rogue term.

So I was searching for ‘Fertilizers’ because I wanted to start this post with a “These few days, if I was a fledgling plant, it felt as if all my [insert rogue term here] were being taken away from me. — but I ended up with a better gem.

At least I thought it was a gem, because in that article I mentioned earlier, a paragraph mentioned “All plants need these seven things to grow: room, right temperature, light, water, air, nutrients and time.” and I can’t help but to come out with a list of things that a man needs to grow.

And brilliantly ecstatically, I came up with: iPod, EPL, FHM, xbox, DOTA… ok k k.. just kidding.

So where plant needed the 7 things to grow, I was quite certain that we humans too had a list for us to grow, and so I did a simple 15-minute doodling of random stuffs, while watching American Idol. I drew a half eaten cake, some cats, or what might looked like cats, and even doodled a rocket that’s about to launch.

As it turned out, the doodling exercise done on purpose, never really had any purpose, and I was back to when I first asked myself the question: what is it that humans need to grow? Fertilisers?

Like An Epiphany.

Answers like food, family and money are perhaps tangibly more than correct but I wasn’t quite satisfied with them and I looked back at my useless doodles and slowly, I smiled.

I realised that after all that doodling, I was a really bad artist.

Or maybe the pencil wasn’t sharp enough? Bah.

But more importantly, it was also that the doodles didn’t benefit me or developed into anything, that I wished it had. Although I knew I wanted to doodle, I didn’t knew what it was exactly that I really wanted to doodle about.

You see, my doodles weren’t targeted with any purpose, and everything added up, tallied lost and randomness.

As it turns out, there and then, I knew that the answer that’d satisfy me would be…

…read on…

… that humans grow by feeding on purpose!

And not just feeding on purpose, as in feeding with intent to eat and be full, but rather about growing and developing as a whole by having intentions to pursue and missions to complete.

Yes, humans grow by feeding on ‘Purpose’. There, I feel a little satisfied now.

Go Ahead, Take Away My ‘Fertilisers’.

I was just feeling how work have been sapping away my energy lately, forcing me to stay up in the office till late and having to wake real early the next day, so I can rush and cram in more working hours for the day.

I’m never a fan of waking up early, but lo and behold, I’ve been reaching the office before 9am daily, this week, and just to put my point into perspective here, to prove that I’m not gloating about being an early riser or eager-worker, for the past few months I’ve been reaching office between 10am and 11am.

Yep, guilty as charged.

So you could say that just by being in before 9am, was quite a feat for me, and all this after wearily chasing my customers (and vice-versa), after sitting hours at stretch glued to the computer screens and after not having much rest.

I was mentally growing weary with little sleep to go and irregular meals, and so what if it rained mercilessly on me last night, I rode shivering on my bike, in my drenched clothes and shoes, on the way home.

The thing is that I managed to wake up early, shrugging off that desire to catch a 5minute wink.

As it turns out, not long after washing and dressing up, I was off to work — early and purposefully.

I knew I had deadlines to meet and customers to not disappoint, and that somehow propelled me forward.

Waking Up With A Purpose.

I suppose I’ve grown slowly away from that lazy fella who hits the snooze button as often as a certain David Ngog misses the chance to score for Liverpool, and THAT is a hell damn lot.

For a long while I’ve been looking for a magic pill to help me wake up and reach work in time, like others do, and I’ve always envied how they do it, and for the past few days I’m glad that it was no pills nor new ringtone.

I’ll guiltily admit that for a long time I’ve not instilled a purpose to need to reach work early in the morning, but rather to haphazardly just wake up for the sake of waking up.

In the context of this blogpost, in the context of being an early riser and in the context of how to stay refreshed even when you’re sapped of energy, I suppose it helps to have a purpose.

I know it has helped me that little bit more in waking up, getting my engines running and enduring the day.

Go ahead, try waking up with a purpose.