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My sis got herself a pretty, blue, wooden guitar last Friday, after I took her to a guitar place earlier in the week, wherer she spent the late evening with me at the office.

Why was she at the office?

Oh, because it seems that having a big brother, whoose company is expanding and looking for new designers, means that you have first priority in getting that position~

And also, she was ‘surveying’ the new workplace — or was it the new workplace ‘surveying’ her?

Lucky her~

I can’t remember who, but someone once told me (or was it that I read somewhere???) that in life (especially careers), it’s not about what you know, but about who you know that gets you advantage.

Back to the guitar now.

Do you know what it tells me about her, after she’d gotten that pretty, blue guitar?

It means that finally, my Sis is showing signs of decisiveness, and I think this has been a very crucial characteristic that’s been missing from her, but with this guitar, I’m so happy that she ‘took it and went’ with it.

‘Take it. And go.’ — Famous words of Canadian/Indian comedian, Russell Peters, and check out one of his classics “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!”!

Alright, back to the guitar again.

She’s been chirping at me to teach her to play the stringed instruments for as long as I’ve known her, and for as long as she’s known me, I’ve not done so.

Perhaps with this latest ‘decisiveness’ episide, I think I might just reward her with a quick introductory lesson in guitar handling eh?

With the added impetus of me missing my guitar playing days, I think I might just finally sit down with her and get her to learn some tunes.

In any case, I think that making music, be it simply strumming the guitar or mastering an album, is a good way to express yourself, where at the same time you release that little bit of tension or stress in you.

For as long as I know, everytime I feel down or a little sad, I do tend to reach for that rusty, trusty old guitar of mine and play a chord or two, at the same time coming up with horribly rhymed verses.

Oh, I’m not that awesome a guitar player, but I do know how to put a tune or two, but just like any other motor skills, one can only get better with practice.

I hope my Sis will get herself busy with learning and dedicating herself into the safekeeping of her new guitar and her tunes, and then who knows, maybe we might be seeing a new Singapore Idol to come?

Wishful thinking, perhaps, but nothing wrong with aiming for more rights?