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I’m not sure what his exact role was (or roles were) but one thing for sure, he’s definitely someone who’s ‘made it’!


Not Rango, or Johnny Depp, mind you, but that name here that’s highlighted in yellow.

It belongs to my poly classmate, whom I happen to know as an awesome and dedicated 3D animator, one among the many of us back then.

Me? I’m not sure if I was that awesome in my craft, as almost always I barely got by in class and in my modules, but Zaini was different, in a good way.

Zaini was polished, dedicated and oh-so-good.

Finally a feature film where one of us has his name appearing in the credits.

I’m so excited and can’t wait to catch the movie at the cinema, but I’ve to recover from my chronic cough first.

Anyway, back then during our poly days, our group of friends used to sit in long after a movie has ended just to take a look at the rolling credits.

Then we’ll comment and laugh at the names and roles that fly by — at the same time not secretly hiding the fact that each of us so desperately and dearly wished to see our own names appear up there.

To us, having our names appearing in the credits of a feature film is more than just pride, it’s a sense of achievement and accomplishment — and I’m so ecstatic that Zaini got his recognition!

I recall how he ploughed through his NS period, juggling work and part-time studies at the same time — and he always seemed so busy back then.

Even during school days, he’d spend hours after hours polishing his work, while the likes of me and others will head to the pitch for soccer and such.

Zaini is probably the hardest worker among our group f friends, and indeed hard work does pay off handsomely.

I remember during our first year final project, where I had to repeat that module 3 times while Zaini aced his, taking that module just once, and oddly enough he was given a gecko to study, research, and recreate for the assignment.

I was given a lamb then, and I think Geckos are easier to draw than lambs?

Nahh, nothing is easier or harder, it’s all perceptions.. anyway..

I tremendously admired his craft back then, and even though I’m still not sure which are his handiworks in the movie Rango, I’m pretty sure that I’ll admire it just as much, where I’ll probably be thinking at the back of my mind, oh why does Rango looks oh so familiar to Zaini’s gecko?

He’s definitely made it, no doubt, and I’m pretty proud to say that this is a fella whom I know for some time, even if my works could never compare to his.

How I wished my name was up there too, and though it’s a little gut-wrenching that I’m veering away from my dream career path, I’ll continue to work hard in anything that I do and hopefully I’ll get a chance to dribble myself back into this animation line.

I’m pretty sure that that chance won’t be coming anytime soon, but I won’t be loosening my grip on it just yet.

Though I may be dedicating tons of efforts into the printing and advertising industry at the moment, the animation industry will never stray too far from the core of my heart.

To the ones who’ve made it, like Zaini, I wish them well and hope that they continue to achieve greater accomplishments in years to come.

And now, for a bit of Rango..