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..I had realised, before heading to Shaw Lido at Orchard, that my movie ticket was actually meant for Shaw Theatres at the newly opened NEX shopping center at Serangoon!!

Because Shaw Lido has been under renovation since 1st October, and unfortunately I only knew it 5mins before I was about to pick up my tickets!!!

I felt anger, despondency and uncontrolled bewilderment, but mostly it was all silliness, as I stared at the usual escalator, which led to the box office, that was perplexedly not working and cordoned off.

Here I was all ecstatic that I wasn’t about to miss Harry Potter #6 and probably catch the final blockbuster of the year, and it turns out that my failure to read the online order receipt properly led to this near-repeat of a previous box office boo-boo while trying to watch Kick-Ass.

And you’d thought that one would learn from that mistake uh?~

So this was a review, that wasn’t to be and since I’m not particularly fond of wasting any bits and bytes of the interwebs, I thought I’d scour the web for something that’s a little close to the movie and to my heart as well.

Pictures such as:

I love reading, but not when a sinister black cat head is staring back at me!

I bet you never knew that cats enjoy reading as much as humans do right?

Except they read humans instead.


Looks a little like Barney to me..

I wonder if he had anything to say to this next feline..


Like wtf right?