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Guess what I found with Google Chrome. Anyway I’m on version, Windows XP.

Do you know about the omnibox? The one where the address/http resides and the place where you can search directly? It’s called the omnibox. I think. Anyway…

Well I’ve had trouble searching directly via the omnibox, where searching for stuffs leaves me with a ‘Chrome failure page’, and now I know why.

You see, this new version (I think) has a neat feature to its omnibox. 

I understand now that to search from Google, I simply type G, and then press ‘Tab’ and a “Search Google” button appears, which means you are able to perform a search using Google. Duh.

So what’s so neat about it? Well I’m glad you asked. Um, you did asked right?

Ok, try punching i, then ‘tab’, and you’ll find the button now appears as “Seach”. Neat!

Not all the alphabets will work, so you gotta give it a try, and I guess what button appears will depend on the websites that you’ve surfed at.¬†

Example, typing b, then ‘tab’, the button appears as “Search” and I’m quite sure that this button isn’t a standard for all Chrome browsers. ; )

Another neat feature of Chrome, brought to you by… *drum rolls*… ME! (Cue: ¬†relentless applause)