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What was all the inspiration talk about eh? Well, to summarise, someone briefed me on the difference between motivation and inspiration. Can you tell the difference?

Anyway, I won’t dwell much on that topic, but rather mention a few unfortunate important events at work.  In this mundane economy, it’s tough trying to keep hold onto a job so it didn’t felt right for me to terminate the service of our FA artist, but I suppose 2 votes against my single 1 won and so a new designing colleague will be working along with me from now on. 

It wasn’t as if she couldn’t work, cos she could, but it was her handling of customers and preparedness to tackle on the job issues that couldn’t make me convince Towkay to keep her. Wish her good luck in her future endeavours.

Anyway, long story short, the new girl arrives tomorrow, and I’m in charge of imbueing our work culture immediately. With the previous 2 designers, I didn’t get to ‘brainwash’ them much about the business but I hope I’ll get to nurture something here. I have to — my NS recall letter have already arrived, and it’s for the month of AUGUST! (Wow, they’re really efficient this time around!) Someone’s gotta take over my role when I’m gone, so better be prepared early eh?

So with a brand new colleague, a brand new chapter begins. My schedule and to-do list, though still in a mess, I’m quite sure that they’ll be solved within a couple of years weeks, and of course, starting today.

Oh well, goodbye Yesterday, hello Today.