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It’s been long overdue, Gmail’s latest feature which allows drag and drop functionality, but sadly, for IE and Opera users, this feature is only available for Chrome and Firefox.

If you’re not on Gmail yet, shame on you, you’re missing out on a lot of really fun stuffs, like the old snakey game for one.

And earlier I stumbled upon MaleCopywriter, who actually won the webbies for best homepage award! Check out his ‘Contact me’ page. Hilarious, just like his works.

And where if anyone’s short of cash, and is in need of short term loan, go ahead call your nearest loanshark and give Wango a tryout, it’s got a rather high interest rate and really short term loans.

Anyway, who knows in case you needed some liquidity a little bit earlier than payday, and if that’s so, then this is the answer for your prayers.

Talking about money, got a better way to manage your finances other than MoneyStrands? Best of all, it free and has plenty to offer for the money concious minds.

So, got a useful site to share?