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It deos hlod ture taht one is albe to ctontniue rdeanig a pssaage of txet no mttaer how it’s seplt as lnog as the frsit wrod and lsat wodrs are in pacle.

BUT fortunately, Google didn’t pull a similar prank as mine above, in juxtaposing the letters in words, BUT unfortunately they pulled, pun intended, a joke (that’s what I think it is) where vowels where stolen.

I waited almost whole day to see what prank the Google team were gonna come up with after previous years’ frissons.

Apart from this year’s Google changing to Topeka, I think.. THE VOWELS WERE STOLEN! How gutsy right?

Used by millions of users worldwide, excluding China (heh), and they have the cheeks to pull this off — and that’s why I’ve always admired the geeks, I mean guys at Google.

A company with such high profile stocks and plenty of reputation at stake, well with this latest stunt, what’s a reputation worth if you’re not having fun at the same time right?

In fact, isn’t it nice that they’re having fun in these times?

Much like how the culture is at, my idol website geeks, I mean guys, Google’s unrestrained working environment meant that people could be proven to be productive and fun at the same time (are you listening Bosses?).

Take off your shoes, make paper balls and throw them around, wreak havoc, sing song, be crazy, but work when you have to, and not just doing the job right, aim instead to do the right jobs.

It’s somewhat similar to what’s being cultivated over at my workplace, where we do have plenty of fun working with each other, and productivity levels have never been higher.

When one person cracks a joke, or makes fun, it eases the work tension and gets everyone tighter and fills any tireness with endurance.

And especially when the boss joins in, the rapport built makes everyone want to work harder, longer and achieve more.

Of course there are days when we’re just overworked and that’s when everyone knows that it’s time to slow it down, kick back and just take things lightly.

So, if you’re a Boss, and you’re reading this, lighten up on the authority, especially if you’re wondering why the human resource turnover exceeds that of your stapler inventories.

Take a lesson from Google, and see what a fun working environment can bring to your productivity levels.

Of course, I hope that the bosses and guys over at a power station or nucelar plant don’t start loosening and taking things lightly in their departmentes — because some things just need to stay tight.