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DOTA and MTG used to fix me up pretty good, after a day of work, but it’s been a loooong time since I’ve had a sniff at them.

It’s not like I’ve quitted DOTA or MTG entirely (in fact I view with a queer eye at anyone who proclaims to ‘quit’ these social games, as if the gesture merits itself as a laudable life event), but ever since Bangau and Han’s self-imposed relocation, I’ve yet to indulge in one game, and I say it with pride simply because there’s not been a stretch of days that I can recall of not playing the game, ever since Bangau and Han got back (here).

Or maybe I’m just busy with Zynga Poker on facebook.

Nevertheless I do still have plenty of interests and desire to DOTA/TG, but this time I know that it’s not going to be the same anymore.

When us 3 were around, every game was an adventure, or should I categorise it as a misadventure? Lol.

Add the occasional visits of Max1983, Sid & Heider, and other unexpected arrivals, things do get pretty over the top, but never out of control of course..

Do I miss them? Haha. Damn right I do. Missing every bit of the nonsense that only the 3 of us are capable of conjuring.

So where do i get my fix these days?

Strangely, it’s being overtaken by work, and coincidentally, workload picked up just as the duo shifted away.

It’s just getting chaotic at work, and this despite the frequent complaints of how the new year has been greatly affected by the ripples of the world’s economic crisis.

Thankfully, Dils is around the vicinity to pull my sanity back down to earth, and this since.. half her age ago!

She’s turning 26 this Saturday, so that’d make it 13 years of wonderful friendship — You’re getting old liao!

All grown up now, and she’s never been chattier than ever!

Met her up on Wednesday night, talked till way past her usual bedtime, but only because I didn’t knew it flew by, just like that.

So what present do you get for a 26year old perky gal, who’s already pampered herself with a Toscano handbag?

In any case, wishing you well for your dreams, up in the air.