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Wanna know why gaming is so much fun? Because, its the only time and place where you can hear an 11 year old curse and swear!

I mean its like perfect education for these kids when they mix around with us no-social-life gamers and learn the valuable language of life and socializing skills.

For example when your hero in-game gets killed, you’ll generally moan and curse your killer and thus let the people around you know of your disappointment and lack of luck.  Why is this useful? You see, the lesson about moaning your bad luck allows you to alert others of your fortune, or misfortune, and consequently you’ll perhaps get sympathy in return! Brilliant!

Another example of a life-saving characteristic of a gamer would be the tendency to skip meals, not only saving money but helps create less garbage for the world too! In this current economy, this is an excellent skill to possess and should not be ignored easily.

That partucular 11 year old probably won’t last long in a round of DOTA or Counter Strike and I doubt he’s enjoying straight A grades at the moment, but he’ll make a great gaming companion at the very least.

Whoever says gaming for long hours is bad for education? Oh, and it’s  a hell lot of fun too.

Pfft, I’m just posting this to feel good about the lost hours spent gaming away. Please do not point this article to teachers or bosses in case you’re trapped and need a backup/excuse for that non submission of homework or project. In such cases, you’re on your own buddy. Happy gaming~