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Touch wood, cos its Friday the 13th.

Or better yet, take a look at these beautiful tee designs from emptees! What better way to showcase misfortune than have a gnarling, snarling pix of wolves, eh?

ezwolf-emptees  hacw-epmtees
Unfortunately these designs aren’t available for sale yet, but merely for communal discussion. That is what is all about — a tightly knitted, and brilliant, t-shirt designing community, that continuously talk about tee designs and their evolution.

While some makes it for printing, most are merely artworks put up for debate.

So what if it is Friday the 13th, for it is only the Western world that is afraid of such number, and I REALLY think that it has served me well. I used to score loads of goals for my Secondary School, wearing that unlucky number, so it irks me that somehow I am facing a goal drought with my current team, Skopets Invicta FC, even though I don the same number.

So what does this say? Simple, that numbers don’t bring luck or misfortune, and its all in the head. Comprendre amigo?

Now stop being superstitious about Friday the 13th and give these tee designs a visit and contribute a critic or two.