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Detracting a little from losses and saddening events, which includes the recent slump of my LFC that prompted my little hiatus from my football blog, A Red Thing, perhaps it was fitting that Liverpool’s first victory in 5 years was in coincidence with my discovery that I’ve got a subscription with Singtel’s MIO tv all these while!

I don’t even remember if I ever did continued signing up for it, nor penning anything but I guess that I must have done r signed something because apparently I wasn’t able to terminate it without an early termination fee being incurred, so it had to be a part of a contract plan or something.

My MIO thingy wasn’t setup, so I thought why even keep the subscription going on right?

Might as well go for an early termination and save a wee bit more over the long run right?

Fortunately, I took the time to get the MIO TV setup up and running, and boy was I rewarded gratuitiously with my first EPL viewing.

Oh, btw, Liverpool actually hasn’t won a game in 5 games, not 5 years.

In case you’re wondering that dig was meant for our ex-manager, dear Roy Hodgson.

Oh, and I hope you’re basking with joy somewhere, somehow with that severance payment you got from your early termination as well, while Torres scored two goals and Meireles hammered in a dipping beauty against Wolves.

In case you didn’t know, wolves are a fearsome pack of dogs that don’t really fear anything.

That’s right they fear nothing.

They’ll even face up to a bear and work together in tackling their obstacles, but today, a different pack of wolves were sent into their dressing room with their tails between their legs and bandages around their head, and I dare say that today’s the day that wolves start to be really afraid of men in red.

Or just to be exact, Spanish men in red.

Ahhhh, it does feel really good to see Liverpool back to theirĀ convincing winning ways again, and somehow the manner of the defensive wall in front of Wolves reminded me of the wall during Rafa’s tenure, which comprised of Kuyt, Mascherano, Alonso, Gerrard and Aurelio.

Solid, simply solid back then and truly solid tonight.

Fernando Torres quipped, “(Kenny) Dalglish told me that we’re the ones who make people’s dreams come true. The fans can’t play, so they live their dreams through us.”.

Indeed, and this 3-0 of a victory does echo reverberantly like a pulsating dream where you strive to not wake up from.

Long live the King (Kenny)!

That’s why, it’s sometime a good move to terminate something early.

Note: Sometimes.