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Its a tough day at work, always. Clients keep chasing for changes and confirmations, while friends and family bombard you with reminders and requests. Not that its a bad thing, its a good and welcomed situation actually. For certain I definitely wouldn’t mind getting a peaceful night’s rest at home, but usually by the time I reach my room’s door, it is already well past midnight.

As usual, the only ones who greet me with eager anticipation when I reach home (the taman jurong one) are my 2 cats, Siti Seri and Jack, but that is only because  everyone else are  soundly sleeping and vividly dreaming the night away.

Indeed cats have a keen sense of hearing and they somehow are able to sense that someone is coming?Anyway, without fail my 2 felines will be waiting on their paws as I open the door, meowing and seemingly beckoning for something, which I barely understand. They’re just cats but their enthusiasm enlightens me cos at least there’s someone who is saying ‘hi’ to me, especially after a hard day’s work – and sometimes that is all you need to make your day.

It cannot be underestimated that a simple greeting, or gesture of concern can bring lots of meaning, however simple or short it may be. It could be the difference between feeling the love and feeling ignored. For sure, it is enlightening, even if it comes from a cat – or make that 2 cats!

There’s so many things that we can learn from cats – and definitely their affableness is one of the lessons that they impart to their owners. Affectionate, lovable, mischievous yet unconditional in their own rights, cats really should have been given the title of Man’s best buddies. Some may say that dogs are Man’s best friends, but seriously I beg to differ. No prizes in guessing whom I think that title should go to — Cats!