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December used to be the month when you will be on the receiving end of countless free desktop calenders, which you can doodle with.

However that may cease to continue as ST reports of corporations cutting costs by limiting its wave of corporate calendars and diaries for the year.

What a calendar, I mean disaster! But really, what could we do if we cannot use our red markers to circle out our leave dates and append appointment memos onto our favourite desktop calendars, even if we don’t actually refer back to them?

Like where else would we doodle during our free time in the office?

Or where else could we quickly write down that phone number we just received while talking on the phone?

2012’s Apocalypse came tad too early? Worry not, Mar to the rescue.

Free 2010 Calendars people!

I know, that working in a printshop myself, I could probably print them but hey, with all those climate change talks in Copenhagen still ongoing and now well into their second week already, let’s save some trees eh?

So instead of Facebooking my time away with games or apps, here’s a little something in the spirit of giving, just because.

2010 Calendars from

Rest assured the 2010 Calendars are very much printable quality (A5 size)  and you can download them freely:

  • Nailed – download253kb (right click + save as)
  • Ohai Cat – download 219kb (right click + save as)
  • Brushed Metal- download 230kb (right click + save as)
  • Seaweed- download 175kb (right click + save as)

I think I’m gonna do more, perhaps explore a few more colour ranges, within the next few days.

Thanks to and their royalty free images, I’m able to work with a huge list of free images without worrying about infringing any copyrights.