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Me Sleepy, and I think my cats asked me to stay home longer and get more rest. Maybe that’s why occasionally they will sit on my chest and start kneading whenever I lie on the bed. I think I’ve been officially inducted into the Cat’s ‘Hall of Fame’ where special treatment will be adorn onto humans who are given the unique trust. Deeply, I’m honored.

Okay, enough crap for the day. Basically I’m just exhausted. Stuff at work picked up momentum so suddenly that It caught us all by surprise, much like how a fire festival in Korea turned into a fatal inferno when a gust of wind changed direction suddenly.

And then there is the daily distraction of DOTA, Pool, KBOX, soccer and chicken chops to whittle my personal space/time into a barely accessible capsule of undigested opportunity. And this opportunity lays there vividly in my gaze, but blurred and overlapped by self procrastinations.

Knowing myself, I know that given a timeframe, I will complete whatever is required. Maybe the abscence of any real deadlines and the non-existance of bad consequences add to the protraction of my projects. Indeed it is tough to force yourself into doing something, knowing that there’s always another day to accomplish it. 

Alright then, maybe I’ll just DOTA one last time for the week, tonight. Maybe…