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What do you call Men who attend to the supernatural?

Bomohs, Faith-Healers, Superman?

My vocab of these Men with ‘higher powers’ are so limited that I don’t know really what to call of them, but I’m pretty sure that they have a name for whatever it is that they do.

And whatever it is that they’re doing, I’m certainly not feeling 100% comfortable blogging about it alone in my room, while one of these Men attended to one of his supernatural calling, in my Sis’ room and the crowd are silently anticipating outside.

That’s right, apparently a portion of my family, especially my Sis, has been spooked by stuffs, of which explaining what they are is the least that I’d like to do right now.

These stuffs are so attached to her that she’s barely got a good night’s sleep.

She keeps complaining about it and I guess Dad’s finally got in the ‘Professional’ for some assistance.

Always leave things to the professional right?

Fortunately for me, these stuffs that’s spooking my Sis isn’t spooking me much — is it due to my nonchalant attitude towards these beings?

I do believe in these things, but my third eye tells me that there are worse things to bother about, such as ascending bills, piling workloads and the myriads of websites to update.

At this moment, there’s plenty of noise outside the room, but mostly of adult voices chit-chatting and overlapping one another.

In the distance of my room I happen to hear that they’re talking about bikes and mangoes!

Bikes and mangoes? Well I can’t see the relation either.

But I guess the Superman is done with his Supernatural calling, of which I happen to glimpse a little bit of Silat or upper body Kung-Fu gestures, and it was quite cool actually — a little bit like Neo, in the Matrix, mixed with C3PO.

I hope I’m not degrading him or anything, but because that’s what it looks like, and I hope he’s managed to remove whatever-it-is-that-spooked-Sis’-room and that she can finally get proper rests at night, without hearing funny voices, sensing funny presences or feeling funny tugs of the blanket.

I’m not sure if all these sound scary to you, but if my brother was around, I’m pretty sure he’d go, “Woah, exciting seh!”.

Yup, that’s my brother for ya, and he believes in these supernatural stuffs.

Just like I do, but unfortunately for these stuffs, I happen to ignore them a lot — or am I Third Eye Blind?

Third Eye Blind? Ooh, That reminded me of something..

In any case, here’s a classic.. Third Eye Blind’s Jumper.

“…Everyone I know has got a reason to say put the past away…”