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After visiting her blog for a while, I didn’t realise that Dils (does anyone calls her by that???) blog has comments disabled, and nothing is cuter than her disclaimer, which is boldly stated on the front page as “If you don’t like what I write, don’t read.”

I love it, that it’s a succinct and beautifully written disclaimer.

Wait, don’t you think I’m pulling any legs cos I do sincerely think that it’s a great, firm, strong move there.

I mean how many times in life do we encounter moments where we’re stuck with people who are simply trying to pull us down or get to us, and where we wish at that point and time that if only there’s a “Disable Speech” button on that person.

I mean blogs are ways and means for anyone, yes anyone to express themselves online, and sadly there are souls who troll around the net, looking for ways to share their acid, as if it’s on overdue.

Well to Dils, kudos on shutting out their voices (um, and mine at the same time, but hey I’ve a blog to express myself anyway. so =p ), that’s a bold one.

I wish I could have a disclaimer like that written on my forehead (there’s ample space anyway..) to warn people of my stand — at work.

Yep, but too bad I can’t do that, unless I think that chasing customers away is a good thing for business.

But sometimes you just have to put a close sign to yourself.

You can’t always accept all customers, because some are simply not worth your time and efforts, and by that I mean in terms of ROI and the value that it brings to you and the company.

Like why support a needy customer, who barely knows what he/she wants and ignore your regular customers at your own peril?

Like just show these needy, uninitiated customers the directions to another place, and they’ll perhaps be better served there.

And in Dils case, of which I certainly digested only the tip of the iceberg, she’s probably better off with less negative energy comments.

Yeah, it works wonders when people are forced to just listen, and unable to talk back — it makes them listen more.

If you’re reading this, hope all’s good. Go get your wings now. = )