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At work, the sisters Ching (Teng & Ling), were away and so there wasn’t much ramblings or musings to ramble and muse about, and before I knew it 6.30pm greeted me and I was on my way home in a flash.

Stopped by Taman Jurong shopping Centre and bought Chicken Wing rice for dinner, but as tasty and yummy as it was, eating alone in my sis’s room wasn’t as enjoyable as eating with them all~ *pangs*

I tried to start a bit of work here and there but everything just crumbled as I kept refreshing multiple channels of Heartstone streams on Twitch, and today somehow Mira chose to stream exclusively in Russian, to my annoyance.

And to her annoyance, she retorted “Don’t question how I stream” when I asked “Why only in Russian today?”. ;p

Pretty soon, I was too tired to continue and after a quick exchange of messages and checking to see that everyone is doing fine in Palestine, I succumbed and rested till the next morning~