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It’s day 1, and they’ve yet to contact me, as they’re probably still on their way to Hotel Holyland Jerusalem, after landing at Amman, Jordan hours earlier.

Me? As usual, it’s my Sunday morning soccer game baby!

Made an assist and even scored a screamer of a freakish freekick for Barneys on Sunday morning, to make it 4-0, and I think I had a decent game at both Leftback and Rightback position.

The opponent were way more technically gifted and skillful, but somehow we were more clinical and finished the game 5-0, good game indeed.

It was supposedly Modern GPT at Bricks Play next, but the incessant rain dampened all plans and I stayed home instead, and it was a very, very quiet Sunday at home, because usually when everyone is around, you can’t get 10 minutes without someone annoying, pleasantly of course, you.

SO, with me all by myself, I cleaned, washed clothes, watered the plants, fed the cats, played games, watched movies — and about that, I watched Heist, starring Robert De Niro, a not too shabby show indeed!

Also added to my watched list was Matt Damon’s “The Martian”, a really really good show, and a weird “Scout’s guide to the zombie apocalypse”.

What else could’ve top off my lazy  Sunday?

What else, fried chicken with salcicia spaghetti pasta from Pastamania! Yummy