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Visually jaw-dropping, perceptively awe-inspiring, emotionally eyes-welling, audibly sensory-overpowering, imploringly soul-searching, grippingly heart-thumping, unbelievably mind-blowing, deceptively jauntily-paced, aptly breathe-taking, arrestingly adrenalin-filled, and empathetically character driven, Avatar 3D, the movie is in immense and critical danger of being deprived of superlatives for its reviews — that Oxford may be forced to reinvent new words simply because we’re running out of them.


Of course, every movie-goer is entitled to their own opinions and reviews, but what annoys me most are preemptive opinions by those who’ve yet to watch the movie.


Watch the movie with an empty cup and you’ll find it’ll overflow continuously as you walk out of the cinema.


And my judgement after my first (of many) visit to Pandora, is that even if it is not nearly flawless, not nearly perfect, not nearly the most beautiful movie ever made, but as judgement goes for the sake of judgement’s family, it is THE movie where flawless, perfect and most beautiful will be spoken of quite commonly within the same sentence — so here’s the review (in red, bold text so you wouldn’t miss it at all):


Avatar (3D), the movie, is definitely the most beautifully perfect, flawlessly beautiful and perfectly flawless blockbuster for me, ever.



There you go, all three superlatives intertwined in one sentence, and just my 2cents worth of ¬†judgement. No, not yours and not others’.¬†So here’s a toast to what is probably the shortest Avatar (3D) movie review ever, but only because I’m still preparing the ‘Probably the longest Avatar (3D), the movie review ever’ post.


I certainly wished I need not get up from my seat — I wanted to continue my journey into Pandora, but as for you, I suppose that it is time to wake up.