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Day 0 (Sat): Umrah Sabatical, The send off.

Everyone except me went for their Umrah trip, and I just came back from sending them off at Terminal 1, an hour earlier where they took flight at 0120hrs with EK405 (Emirates).

Even bro and his 9 month pregnant wifey was there to grace the occasion and lend their precious time, as our family faded into the departure halls along with about 30 other participants from Jallaludin travel.

The send off was clean, peaceful and a little joyful too, fortunately.

I vividly recall my last trip to Umrah, circa 2004, as a homage to my late mum’s passing, as the opportunity to get closer to god presented itself, many many years ago.

Today, is Day 0 of their trip, as well as my solitary sabbatical, albeit at home — a much welcomed change of pace, as I’ll be aiming to complete tasks and achievements within the next 2 weeks.

Tonight, actually, is a challenge that I am looking forward to, one of many to come.

2 weeks.

Let’s see what I can accomplish eh?

Another John C Maxwell’s video on leadership? Lids? What lids?

Last night, I occupied myself watching John C Maxwell’s videos again and particularly one kept me awake an hour — an hour long speech where he impromptus after finding out he’s going to be speaking to an awesome bunch of leaders from a certain company. (Youtube link here)

He titled his presentation “The rule of 5 for for lifting your leadership lid.”.

It’s about how you, as a leader, if you could rank your leadership capacity and based on that rank, the type of followers you’ll attract are the levels below which your leadership capacity is on — and in terms of an institution or a company, your followers are your business itself.

This means your organisation rises and falls on the level of your leadership.

So to build a better company or business, you’ll need to attract better people/customers by raising your leadership rank, or in this case your leadership lid.

John’s 5 rule to lift your leadership lid, by employing them EVERYDAY, are:
1) Lead Yourself — Lead by example. People do what people see.
2) Add value to people — Value your people. Don’t discount anyone.
3) Study leadership — Never stop learning about leadership.
4) Practice Leadership — Empower and teach others to lead others. Train more leaders.
5) Grow intentionally — Employ yourself to be in an environment where you can grow as a leader.

Harvest these 5 rules every single day, and John says that you’ll be able to raise your leadership lid.

IMHO, he’s basically repackaging the mantra of teaching yourself discipline and intentionally moulding yourselves into a successful leader.

Hmmm, I wonder what rank my lid is on?


It cannot be measured, stored or transferred, but it can certainly be wished for, earned and yearned.

And I wish to earn that which I yearn.


Such a simple word, yet so hard to achieve.

The Real Dance

The Real Dance

So what if Jose Mourinho’s men have to overturn the tables in this week’s Champions League semifinals against Bayern Munich, so what?

They just ended they’re win drought against Barneylona Barcelona and they must be feeling on top of the world.

Actually, they were recently seen in the middle world, middle east to be precise, with this dirty dancing, the kind your mom wouldn’t want you to see.

But the kind I’d want you to see.. cheerios!

Need Your Love – The Temper Trap

Now some of you might see this music video and think that it’s just another music video.

And then there are some of us that sees this music video and sees even more..

.. wax in.. wax out.. wax in.. wax out..

The Karate Kid lives in every one of us!

The first day.

Of my 4 day NS maintenance training passed by in a flash, and I’m a tad too tired to devulge more than I’m able to tonight so..

3 more days to go lor!

A quick recap of days gone by.

Last Monday, fresh from a working Sunday rendezvous, I wrote down on a piece of paper of my current mood and it read: Busy.

I did it again the next day, and the next and the next, and I realised that it felt rejuvenating.

I looked back at my early morning moods in sequence and this was how it looked like:

Monday: Busy
Tuesday: Chaotic
Wednesday: Hell
Thursday: Redemption
Friday: Routine
Saturday: Football

And where I thought that I didn’t have to come back to the office today, on a Sunday, I eventually had to and so Sunday’s mood recap was: Bah.

Busy, chaotic. hell, redemption, routine, football and bah was how the week felt.

Early week and mid-week was hell and I think I knew how I managed to stay sane.

When you’re mentally prepared, you raise your game that little bit more.

I knew that the Food Hotel Asia, or FHA, event meant that we’d have a damn busy week+weekends, but thanks to pre-empt heads up from the regular customers, I guessed that this much it helped in staying sane.

That errors in prints amounted to just 1, considering the amount of information that I’ve had to digest from the various contractors, meant that the ship has successfully navigated away from the storm.

And I attribute the level of efficiency down to… a paper and a pen.

That’s right, nothing helped me more during that period than a piece of paper and a pen.

Countless times where someone mention something to me and I acknowledge it, expecting to remember later on, only to forget everything about it.

It’s fatal to merely hold onto a thought when you have phone calls flying at you, customers sitting beside in a discussion, and an incessant workload of graphic layouts to be done on the PC.

Whatever years of experience that I’ve racked up, I’ve learnt that anything that’s worth remembering, it’s definitely worth writing it down, no matter how strong you think your memory is.

All it takes to save your ass, especially in this line, is a piece of paper and a pen, and I was bloody prepared to write down with blood if ink ran out.

Thankfully we had plenty of pens in the office.

Write it down if it’s worth remembering.

Had I not written down my mood recaps in the early morning, I’d probably not even remember how I’d felt at the start of that day.

And now I’m able to relive those moments again.

Coming on the back of chaotic days, I remember approaching Thursday on a lighter mood.

I wrote down ‘Redemption’, because Thursday was the day that made every single minute spent in office worthwhile.

It was the day which meant that I wouldn’t mind coming back every Sunday for work if I had to.

It was also the day where every chaos and hell turn serene and rosy, for a while.

And I’m pretty sure that this is the day that everyone works for at the end of the month, and I guess I’m counting my blessings that I get to receive it twice a month.

More or less.

Yep, it was Payday, and Mar loves Paydays because it means that he gets to settle any overdue bills that he has and avoid receiving any further red letters and/or ‘please pay up’ sms-es.

Life is about paying the bills at the end of the month right?

Did you just wrote that down?