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Well, are they? Or is my screen resolution too big thus the text here appears tiny? But my resolution is only 1440 x 900! Maybe I’m just paranoid?

Maybe it’s the thought of Liverpool chasing Man Yoo’s 5 point gap that’s getting to me? Very challenging, just the way I like things to be — no joy in strolling away with a lengthy lead rite? Gotta keep the drama.

I guess its not just my computer screen that’s getting claustrophobic, my room is following suit too! I think I’ve too many shirts and stuffs which I use maybe once a year, or close to never. This gave me an idea! Lo and behold, Mar’s Garage Sale! First item up for grabs — my lovable feline! Actually they’re priced way beyond anyone’s wallets so I trust that they won’t ever get sold, but if they do, I’ll be a millionaire then. Either way, I love them both! Kekekeke…

Here goes:

Siti Seri Jessica Nora + Jack Aditya Bob + Countless hours of fun
(Shhhh.. They’re sleeping, so they probably won’t realise that they’re being sold…)

My Felines


Free shipping!!! Hah!