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If you’ve read my earlier post (didya? didya? didya?) where I introduced ALF, then you’d probably be familiar with that nick and realise that I’m not hallucinating over crack or some dope.

Alf Snapshot

Yes, I’ve ditched my earlier wordpress version (which you can see here) in favour of posterous’ simpler, more elegant and less complex solution to posting updates on ALF.

Having stumbled upon by chance,  I digged into its backend to find that it is indeed a superbly designed CMS/blogging/photo-sharing webapp or website. It is so dead simple, that I lost sleep over just how simple its creators have developed it to be.

It may appear to be to simple and not as customizable as wordpress or blogger, but for ALF, it suffices as he has indeed settled down completely with I think ALF enjoys his new home there.

In any case, take a trip to see ALF and perhaps find him some love too!