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Let’s face it, noone can blabber on, non-stop on their blog right? Like what should you be continuously talking about?┬áNew websites? Other bloggers? Your favourite sports team? That recent movie? Your blind date? The lousy traffic?


I think I faced a conundrum about blogging this past week. I had so many things to blog about that I simply can’t put my thoughts to words in any way more irrationale than a drunkard who’s sober, in which case he wouldn’t be drunk so he can’t be called a drunkard rite?

I’ve deleted so many drafts,due to my failure ingetting past that second paragraph every time I indulge in a new post entry — and most of them didn’t even have a post title to begin with.

Maybe I’m the one who’s an entrenched drunk? Drunk on money making possibilities while entrenched in money spending activities, most notoriously getting myself dunked on DOTA and DVD movie purchases. And 7-11 food snacks.

I love DOTA-ing and the fact that my good buddies are hooked simply means that there’s usually not enough time to socialize elsewhere and the weekend events of soccer and soccer and soccer and soccer means that there’s very little time spent with the family.

Gee, this is occasionally becoming not so occasional already. So this means its an occasional occasional, which would make it non-occasional right? Gaaaaaaah~

I think I better go to bed now.