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That’s the name of my new bike, Amoxycillin Trihydrate. It’s sleek, shiny, rounded edged, red and yellow. What a beautiful bike it is. Not! It’s actually the antibiotic pills that Dr Ng gave me this morning. Ironically it became a bipartite consultation where I seeked his aid in checking if there’s any throat infection while he seeked to find out more about brochures and posters printing. During our converstaion I couldn’t help but wonder if I should give him a litmus test on Transfer Factors, but I didn’t as rushing for work, I didn’t wanna protract the consultation.

Yes work, even when Dr Ng prescribed me with a 1 day MC to rest at home. Maybe I’ll give myself a discount today and enjoy a half work-day instead. I’m trying not to take the day off early, because I know that the very next thing that I’ll do when given the opportunity is to be at, where else but West Coast SRC gaming the free time away. Haha. I’ll admit that I’m a compulsive opportunistic game addict — I think I just coined the term COGA! I wonder again if Dr Ng has any prescribtion for COGA syndrome, and if there’s such a thing, for certain I’ll warmly be begging for an MC then!

Anyway settling down in office, I took the antibiotics that Dr Ng gave me, washed them down with cool Ice Mountain and the next thing that resulted stunned me. After about 20 seconds of taking the pills, it suddenly felt like burping and when I did, guess what?Smoke blew from my nose! Earlier I recalled that It felt like a slight tingling sensation of burning at the top of my nose. Then there was this powdery burnt smell going through my senses and once I burped, the silent and mild kind of burping, a wispy-powdery-smokey thingy blew from my nose!!! Woooot la!

Actually I’ve always wanted to be a Magician or a Ninja, because they disappear and appear in a veil of smoke at times, but I doubt that anyone practicing these 2 professions could ever blow smoke from their noses by burping! Then again if they do ever blow smoke from their noses, then I’ll deserve a pat on my back for having a involuntarily successful attempt at the trick! Wah-Daahhhhh!